Dead Men In The Skitrack

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During the easter weekend murder fanatic, playboy and millionare Sverre Hartkorn invites up his seven closest friends to the desolated Blåkamhytta for a murder mystery. The person who solves the mystery by easter day at 9pm wins 5 million nok. It is also said that the murderer Ulvar Mørkli haunts the cabin and after just one day, the easter peace that once was is gone. One of the participants is found decapitated in the snow. And besides the victims own, there is no clue of a footprint. And the worst part: This is no game, but bloody serious. The remaining friends must take up a desperste fight to stop a murderer who won’t stop in the blink of an eye.

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Tagline:One of you is going to murder me
Duration: 120 Min

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